How To Work With Us

Our team is looking for a professional Agriculture Engineers. It is not a secret that this profession is irreplaceable in modern agriculture, because these people are develop new technologies and equipment, which facilitates work and increases productivity. The specialist is obliged to organize the efficient use of agricultural machinery and equipment. The effectiveness of the equipment is determined during the tests. After the tests, agricultural engineer develops and implements new technologies to automate workflow. He also mounts, builds and maintains specialized equipment.

When hired new employees, agricultural engineer involved in their training, they teach them how to work with technology and use it. In the course of the work, the expert must conclude contracts with suppliers of machinery and equipment, prepare reports on the work done and lead other normative documents.

If a person will work well in the future may be promoted to the post of Chief of Agricultural Engineers. Due to this a person can increase wages. Professional  growth means employment in manufacturing or processing finished agricultural, forestry and fishery products.

Who We Are Looking For

The person holding such position is required to have the technical thinking, be careful. During the research it is necessary to think quickly, be able to organize the results in order to  implement all of the new technology. The specialist should have knowledge of botany, biology, as well as to know the characteristics of equipment with which to work with.

How We Choose Employees Using an ATS Resume Test

ats resume checker software online
ATS resume checker software

All resumes that we get from employees are checked by ats resume scanner free version of which you can find on the website In general, every employee must be qualified in their field, understand the work to be performed for the company, be responsible, conscientious and efficiently carry out its duties without delay and flaws.

There are two basic recruitment stages: analysis of the resume and detailed study of the cover letter. In a cover letter, you have to show that you fully meet the requirements stated in the vacancy.

Keep in mind that resume focuses on the past and present but the cover letter is directed to the future. Tell us what benefits you can bring to the future of our company and why we should choose you. How to write a correct agriculture cover letter you can read here or on any other site. Remember that the cover letter can be crucial for two equally qualified candidates.

We appreciate the applicants that are able specifically and clearly describe the position of interest and indicate salary expectations. We understand that such person knows his value and can share it with our company. So if you are interested in working with us then fill out the form on our website and we will contact you!

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