Why local produce

Five reasons to buy your produce through a local CSA!!

Area grown produce is the highest quality produce. The nutritional content will be greater because there are some nutrients that do not transport and/or store well. The average grocery store vegetable travels 1200 miles and is a week old.

Assurance of farm practices Food transported into the United States (US) is not subject to US regulations. Therefore, it is difficult if not impossible to know what type of substances have been used in the growing of imported produce. Produce grown in your area is subject to US regulations as well as your own perusal. When you buy from local farms any questions you may have can be answered by your local farmer.

Aiding the local farmer Marketing directly to consumers allows small farms to capture a greater percentage of profit, making it possible to survive. Profitable farmland ensures the ability of the farmer to continue to practice sustainable agriculture which means healthier food for a longer period of time

Advantages for the local economy Supporting local business ensures you are supporting your local economy in a direct manner

Adaption to environmental factors Buying from a local farm reduces the amount of fossil fuels used in transportation and the materials required for shipping. We use sustainable agricultural practices, which means your produce does not pollute the soil and ground water as it grows and the soil will be as nutrient rich next year as this year.

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