About Us

After exiting college life in 2002 and entering our chosen vocations in 2003, we both began to realize this was not our ideal lifestyle. While helpful, we have found that our college degrees did not ensure a job with lasting purpose or enjoyment. All they have provided us with is knowledge and the ability to see what can be accomplished with dedication to a purpose. In 2005, we decided that life is too short to not enjoy what we enjoy most and to make a difference in our world. Therefore, we began to look for a way to exit the corporate world of middle Georgia and begin to live more enjoyable, flexible, and healthier lives. So when June of 2006 brought the opportunity to return to our hometown of Clayton and begin an organic CSA, we quickly began preparing to pursue this new venture!

We grew up in Clayton and look forward to again living where there are many opportunities to be in God’s creation. Backpacking, star gazing, gardening, paddling, its a great place to live! We plan to enjoy the outdoors during the summer and then enjoy the world of engineering in the winter. (David will be providing engineering services during the winter months.) This flexibility will provide us with the opportunity to serve and enjoy our local community and the world God has made.

Our goal is to provide authentic organically grown vegetables and fruits to our local community. We will meet and exceed the national organic standards. We like to refer to it as Organics++. Read more about organics and the changing standards here.

There are many areas into which we would like to expand our garden in the near future, some of which are shittake mushrooms, goldenseal production, and cut flowers. If there are any agricultural services you would like to have in Rabun County, please send us an email with your suggestions! We would love to hear from you:)

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