What is CSA


Don’t we all love to buy “fresh produce”? Don’t we feel that we are making healthier choices when we stop by a farmer’s market to purchase produce? Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a step above the farmer’s market, it connects the farmer and the buyer directly. The buyer subscribes to the farm for a box of freshly picked produce delivered to a given spot, every week throughout the growing season. This portion of produce is known as a “share” because the buyer pays the farmer in advance for the produce and in return has a share in the farms processes and products! The goal of the CSA is to connect a local farm that produces food with a local community that consumes the food.


This concept was developed in Japan, about 30 years ago, when a few women became concerned with the shift to imported food versus local food and initiated the first CSA. The CSA then traveled to Europe, Canada and finally to the United States around 1985 where there are know over 1500 CSA farms.


Our goal is to provide healthy fresh vegetables to our members every week during our harvesting season from May-September. Each week our members can expect a box of vegetables picked fresh for them. Each member can buy as many shares as they need. You are not limited to 1 share. The box size for one share is 3/4 of a bushel. This works out to about 1 1/ 2 paper grocery bags. This should provide vegetables for 2 people on a vegetarian diet or for 4 people on a mixed diet. If this is to much for you, you can buy only half a share. To pick up your produce, you can pick it up from a centrally located site or come to the farm in beautiful Rabun County. The location of these sites have not been fixed. If you are interested in hosting a pick-up site, please email us. A discount on vegetables is available for site hosts.

If you would like to join us visit the Payment Options page.

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